After months of researching the topic, I’ve narrowed down how Albuquerque landscaping affects the overall value of your home. Better yet, I’ve also learned the average expected return on investment for “good” landscaping.

According to several well known sources, landscaping can raise the value of your home by up to 28% and you can expect to see a 60% ROI. “Good” landscaping can also reduce the amount of time that your home sits on the market by 15%. Here are some examples:

You purchased your home for market value at $350,000

You spent $39,000 landscaping the front and back yard.

Your home is now worth up to $448,000

You sell your home for $430,000 to sell faster (more realistic)

You profit $41,000 because you had your landscaping done.

Here are some tips and guidelines for improving the value of your home with landscaping:

  • Simple is more universal which means it could suit anyone. Try incorporating a proportionate number of evergreen plants so that when the winter comes, there is still a good amount of green present.
  • Keep things trimmed down. Trees and bushes tend to grow outward into places that are inconvenient like driveways and windows. Make sure to watch for roots barging through driveways or foundations. Always replace plants the are no longer living.
  • Hire a Professional Landscaper. If you are making an effort to raise the value of your home, a landscape professional can see what you have Vs. what you need, and blend them together without wasting time or money.
  • Planting trees and shrubs here and there may seem like a cheap and simple solution but this creates chaos in your yard. Your landscaping master plan should include certain elements that blend well together. Here are some basic front and back yard elements that are sure to raise the value of your home:
  • Front Yard Example: Night lighting, clean consistent level gravel, paths and vegetation with an inviting layout, walls separating the neighbors and medium terracing, automatic irrigation for vegetation.
  • Back Yard Example: Patio attached to an entertainment key feature like an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, Paths leading to key features of the yard, shade and privacy areas and vegetation with automatic irrigation. 1