Landscaping That Adds Value

Beautiful landscaping done right can raise the value of your home by up to 28%

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Landscape Design

Landscape Design is one of the most important steps in the landscaping process. The design process allows our customers to decide on a theme, function, use, purpose, look, and feel. It also allows us to organize what our customers decide they want from their yard. How we do it..

Demolition & Prep

Whether it is demolition or preparation, each is a crucial step necessary prior to any installation of landscaping or hardscape. No matter what is being installed, there must be proper leveling to ensure water drainage and flow, and proper soil treatment depending on what is being planted. Regardless of whats being installed, the demolition and prep is planned from the beginning.


Our landscape installation experts utilize top of the line machinery to deliver a fast and efficient landscape install. We provide you a Gantt chart login that shows a schedule of unfinished and finished tasks with timelines for each phase of the project. You will always know which phase of the project is going on and when until completion.


Maintaining your finished installation means keeping plants alive, removing old leaves and foliage, and replacing moving parts or unhealthy vegetation. During the planning process, we will show you how much maintenance will be required, this way you can decide how much of it you can handle.

From The Blog

LANDCO removed the dysfunctional conglomerate of landscaping that I had, and turned it into a beautiful oasis. Love it! -- Marcy